Very few events in your life equals the feeling of helplessness when coping with the death of someone dear to you. Your first questions will probably be "What do I do now?" Normally you would call a funeral home for guidance.
Below are just a few of many funeral choices:
  1. Traditional service with open-casket viewing, a religious service in our chapel or your church, and the burial in the cemetery of your choice.
  2. The same as above with a graveside ceremony.
  3. Casket is taken directly to the cemetery for graveside service.
  4. Cremation and then a memorial service after or before the cremation.
  5. Direct cremation. Body is not embalmed.
We do ask that you compare value (quality of merchandise, inclusive services, etc.), service (professional staff, facilities, reverence, aftercare), and the willingness to fulfill your expectations (professionalism, promises kept, attention to detail).
Please call or come by. There is someone here seven days a week.
The funeral service is a very personal ceremony. We make every attempt to meet your expectations.
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