When you preplan with Coker-Mathews, there is no rush-and-hurry, just helpful, careful advice to help you make good decisions. And since we are locally owned and managed, our staff is best able to tailor a plan that will suit you perfectly. We are not bound by rules dictated by an office in some far off city.
Let your family know how much you love them. Prearrange today for your peace of mind ... and for theirs.
Listed below are a few preferences you will want to make in advance:
  • The funeral home that will be in charge.
  • Place of the funeral ceremony, funeral home or church.
  • The kind of casket, type, color, price.
  • Details of the service; music, floral displays, etc.
  • Place of interment; local cemetery or out-of-town.
  • Final cost and payment schedule determined.
  • Learn about Social Security and Veteran benefits.
  • Lock in total cost at today's prices. No inflation.

Where you preplan does make a difference.

For additional information regarding prepaid funeral contracts, go to the web site located at:


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