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Rickey Jay Maniscalco
9/9/1977 -  10/3/2020

Devin Montana
Irving, TX
Friday, October 9, 2020

He was a cool friend and a good man.

Thursday, October 8, 2020

Believe this or not But i was a customer from The Thrift Store he worked. We became acquainted and kept in touch. Ricky was the genuine article, a straight up guy. The world Is e better place due to Ricky's presence her on earth. He gave his all to us and I will miss him.
We need to commit to :
Die finished!, Die empty of all your ideas, inventions, books, paintings, and Love. You were put on the earth by God, FULL of HIS ideas and plans for the next generation. Your task is to unleash and deposit this treasure onto the earth. We are on a collision course with Death, don't let the cemetery gain what was meant for us.
Go and BE the person God delivered to the world. Some of us are doing what we are paid to do but not born to do. You were born to make a difference, not a living. Consult him for your purpose and find the sweet spot of your existence. BLESSTHEORY

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